chief physician of Road clinical hospital No1, Kyiv

The conference allowed experts to discuss a wide range of problematic issues of healthcare system transformation and exchange of experience with colleagues from other regions. In my opinion, report of Anna Melenko regarding creation economic-settlement department in public hospitals was particularly meaningful. It is important that fully respected organizers approached to the formation of scientific-practical program and provided an international section, where you can learn about world model of governance in healthcare, familiarize with foreign development management of healthcare. In my opinion, Conference was aptly complemented by Healthcare Exhibition, which allowed acquainted with novelties equipment, medical supplies.

head of healthcare department of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, Mykolaiv

Today, when foundations for a new healthcare system is laying the, we cannot stay on the sidelines and have to become active participants of this process. Especially participation in
this conference provides a comprehensive dialogue of healthcare practitioners to develop constructive ideas and further development of the industry. I would like to mark conference and exhibition and express the hope that the companies will also be our allies and will actively take part in the event and come out on direct contact on the following professional events.

deputy chief phycisian of the medical unit Zakarpatskiy Regional Clinical Oncology Center, Uzhhorod

Conference promises to be a traditional meeting place for organizers and managers of healthcare, as well as leading national and foreign manufacturers, suppliers of equipment, consumables, overalls and personal protective equipment. Speakers entirely justified hopes by presenting noteworthy development and methods, because for us it was an exceptional opportunity to get acquainted with novelties, set professional contacts with experts from all regions of Ukraine.

director of Healthcare Department in Vinnytsia City State Administration, Vinnitsia

I thank the organizers for the opportunity to attend the actual conference on the important issues. During the days of the event’s work there were fruitful discussions, intensive performances, meetings with colleagues from other regions, conducted business meetings with companies.
The event was indeed unique because besides the theoretical part, we could visit simultaneously healthcare exhibition, and thus increase productivity. It is really complex main event for doctors who want to keep abreast of the healthcare sector.

logistician of FEA Company Intermedica Ukraine, Kyiv

We thank all employees of LMT Company for the quality of the event. On the stand we were able to talk with the chief physicians, directors of private clinics, head of laboratories. We hope that every year the number of participants and visitors will only increase.

chief physician of the State institution Ukrainian specialized radiation protection dispensary, Kyiv

Conference «The Organization and Management of Healthcare Industry» – a great opportunity for discussion colleagues surrounding. This is an opportunity to hear one another and to work together in vector of development Ukrainian medicine. Best practice speakers presented new approaches to clinic innovation management clinic. Each of us received new information on management, finance, economics, law issues, and also answer on questions from lawyers on seminar «State medicine: realities of practice».

director of MC Center of family planning of Tamara Lugovskaya, Dnipropetrovsk

It is very informative and useful events. I express my gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to hear the news of healthcare legislation of Ukraine, marketing, personnel management, and for the opportunity to exchange experience with colleagues from other regions.

chief physician of Zaporizhzhya Regional Clinical Hospital, Zaporizhzhya

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the conference at the same time «Organization and Management of Healthcare Industry «and events for managers of private medicine. Such a large number of healthcare managers at the Conference clearly shows that in Ukraine there is the necessary staff which systematically working to improve their theoretical knowledge, practical organizational skills. I personally was very interesting to hear reports at the annual conference «Private medicine: realities of practice». Indeed, despite that we have different ownership, there is a lot of common problems, particularly in performance regulatory requirements. And it was very interesting to get acquainted with the latest laboratory industry in the Exhibition, which was held simultaneously with events for managers of healthcare industry.

head of marketing department of Vector-Best-Ukraine, Kyiv

We are grateful to LMT Company for help in preparing for the event for qualitative organization of scientific part and Ukrainian laboratory school. Every year we are convinced in the importance of your work, because you keep all companies of medical direction in tone, stimulate participants to interest audience with technology innovations, master classes, exhibition stands. I would like to note that this year the event is organized at the proper level. Despite all political turmoil in the country, at our booth there were enough experts to argue about the effectiveness of the exhibition for our company. Through the event we are presented on master class automatic biochemical analyzer Miura200 (Italy) in operation. The main attention was drawn to the advantages and disadvantages of the analyzer, convenience of Interface software.

director of quality control service of the medical network Dobrobut, Kyiv

Actual information which can be put then into practice was presented in the Congress. Because the speakers of the event were experts with successful experience in the field of private medicine, in particular, also specialists from medical network Dobrobut.

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